October 29, 2008

Odd Lots

Happy Diwali! The skies were full of lights and color last night, and it was dangerous to walk down the street, as everyone and his brother had fireworks. Fun -- but deafening -- times, all.

Via Chasing Ray's awesome post today, I have discovered the COOLEST thing EVER: I already admire the heck out of the gorgeous and talented Holly Black. Now I find out that she has a secret library? I am deliriously envious!!!

Oh, my word! In the Cybils fever, a lot of us have forgotten about 28 Days Later, the Brown Bookshelf's February celebration of African American literature. According to the site, "We’re specifically looking for new books and books that have “flown under the radar,” but you can nominate any book, as long as it’s a children’s or YA book written by an African-American author published by a traditional publisher for the trade market." NOMINATIONS CLOSE NOVEMBER 1. The organizers of 28 Days are requesting more nominations for middle grade and YA books, so please think about books for older kids which you've enjoyed this year, and go over and nominate, so that these books can have a wider readership.

Also, I'm deliriously jealous? Because Alkelda went to see the Vlog Brothers. She brought back some Molly, though, so she's totally forgiven. Man, I wish I could play the ukulele or the guitar. Or anything usefully stringed. But no. The kazoo. Anyway, I wish that MySpace falls into obscurity for utterly different reasons. Molly is, by the way, far too adorable.

Galleycat reported on Tuesday that there will be sixteen lay-offs at Random House's Doubleday division, which was painful and scary to hear. Original Content gives us a great big heads up on bankruptcy clauses in writing contracts -- and reminds you that you probably have one. This clause decides what happens to you if your publishing house goes bankrupts. Good to know, that.

And now for a PSA:

You can't possibly forget to vote, but don't be discouraged that your voice might not be heard. Vote for whomever or whatever you want, but DO IT. And remember to Blog the Vote November 3rd.


Jules at 7-Imp said...

I voted! And my husband and were so happy to have our daughters watching us, as we tried to explain to them what we were doing (ages 4.5 and newly-3, so it was a bit tough).

Just sharing my glee...!

Jules at 7-Imp said...

That's supposed to be "my husband and I"....

tanita✿davis said...

:) YAY! I voted too!
I'm amused at what your kids thought you might be doing.

Saints and Spinners said...

I thought of you on Tuesday, TadMack (I really did) and wished you could have been there OR have gone to a bookreading/signing in your hometown. It was a madhouse at the end. Everyone was sitting in rows and the bookstore people could have had us go up row by row, but they just said, "Line up" and everyone mooshed.