October 28, 2008

Do Electric Androids Dream of Sleep?

Did you know Carrie Jones has a new book coming out two months? We are still recovering from the AWESOME that is Girl, Interrupted, and now she's at it again, this time with a scary one. Please note that she is also running for office.

I am starting the rumor that she is an android and does not sleep. Remember, you heard it here first.

Okay, it's freezing, and my girlfriend in New Jersey just emailed me that it's been snowing for three hours. IT IS STILL OCTOBER. I'm becoming slightly concerned about this winter thing. Just a little.


Sarah Stevenson said...

Sending you some California sunshine!! It's still in the 70s here (except at night, when it's chilly!).

Anonymous said...

My Godson went outside a few minutes before I was ready to leave this morning, and when I went out, I found him jumping up and down shouting, "There's snow on the rooftops! There's snow on the rooftops!" It's hard to be grumpy about it when he's so excited.