October 02, 2008

A Touch of Gorgeous

It's always cool to find a little bit of gorgeous in an unexpected place.

That's kind of what readergirlz and GuysLitWire are -- a little bit of gorgeous. As people go on and on about how, in this economy, publishing is dying, books are dying, young adults are dumbing down and the world is wearing Heelys and going downhill to Hades, it's nice to see that others are striving to recognize a little bit of good. Mad props to readergirlz & GuysLitWire for positivity and basic awesomeness, and to the folks at Galleycat for noticing.

Gives us a little incentive to keep on booktalking, book lending, and book loving. Cheers.


Sara said...

"the world is wearing Heelys and going downhill to Hades" Hee. I like your modern version of the proverbial hand basket. And I agree. Let's celebrate gorgeousness everywhere!

divatobe said...

Oh amen! May the arts ever continue to bring moments of gorgeous to this chaotic life.

Sarah Stevenson said...

Yay! Props to Galleycat for the shout-out.

holly cupala said...

Thank you, Aquafortis! readergirlz feels the same way about you. It was lovely to meet you at kidlit. See, I told you I was going to be haunting this blog now!