April 10, 2007

Blinded by Firelight

Goose Girl by Shannon Hale leaves our heroine a queen, and her friend Enna quietly fading back into the Forest to care for her mother. However, Isi and Enna's stand-alone sequel is anything but quiet.

Enna chafes at being back in the Forest and away from the Town where Isi holds court as the wife of the Prince. Nothing happens in the Forest, she is surrounded by boys like Finn who are sweet, but who only dream only of trees and girls who want only for a dull young man to build a house for them. When Leifer, Enna’s brother, discovers something that sets him apart, he becomes strange to his sister – surly and mean. An attack on Bayern’s borders gives him the chance to expend his meanness, and he goes to war, but not before Enna discovers his secret – a piece of priceless vellum that teaches him a spell to call fires and set them – without a spark.

Fire, so life-giving and warm, is also a power without a conscience which betrays and destroys. Enna sees her brother die of its effects. But Bayern is in danger… and so Enna takes the fire into herself. Will Enna Burning destroy everything?


Anonymous said...

Which did you enjoy more, Goose Girl or Enna Burning?

Me, I preferred Enna. :)

Anonymous said...

I preferred Enna, too. She seemed to have so much more... ability to act, to do something, even though half of what she did was questionable!

I am really enjoying catching up with Shannon Hale's books - I haven't read River Secrets or Princess Academy yet, but they're on my list!


Anonymous said...

I wondered about these! They were just coming out from Bloomsbury when they (Bloomsbury) were reviewing my first novel manuscript.