April 11, 2007

Is It Only Wednesday?

Round-up 'Round the Blogosphere

Satirical, thought-provoking and often 'banned-and-burned' novelist Kurt Vonnegut died today. I imagine him living to 84, just to aggravate those who hated his books...

YA Author's Cafe asks an intriguing questions of YA authors and readers -- what do you think about the sexual content of YA literature? Head over and log your opinion.

The ALAN Online Book Club's April read is A Room on Lorelei Street, which is a fantastic book, so the discussion should be equally good.

Did you know that Readergirlz has over 1000 friends on MySpace? How cool are they? The discussion this month on On Point, by Lorie Ann Grover is ongoing, but read ahead, and get ready for The Phoenix Dance next month. Everyone is welcome to chat and join the gang! (The Readergirlz website always has the best soundtrack... and if you find yourself humming The Rainbow Connection for the rest of the month, you'll know why...)

Fans of the graphic arts will be amused to see the School Library Journal's graphic humor. It's actually... both cute and informative. Huh. Go Librarians. (Via Fuse#8

I feel very much like a mole... or a roach. Working these weird hours makes me feel like I'm sleepwalking. It's been a productive working time, however, so I won't complain about my odd hours.

Even though it's practically tomorrow, I wanted to post my National Poetry Month poem of the day... and I've just discovered that I can't. Oh well. Until Gran Died is an unusual poem written by an British children's Wes Magee... The poem is about death, a subject that causes more furor with Well Meaning Protectors Of Children's Innocence, almost more than sex. I'll not post it here, to observe copyright, but please go and read it here. It doesn't mince words about sadness, but it isn't overly sentimental either. I really liked it.

I'm pretty sure that noise I hear is my bed calling...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out to readergirlz and my novel On Pointe! We so appreciate it. And glad you like my playlist! A little dose of Kermit is bound to lift anyone's day.

Lorie Ann, readergirlz diva