April 24, 2007

Well Met by Kismet

Friend of Mac's: My son Jesse would like to interview your wife for a school project. Would that be possible? He chose his own topic for this project, which was to interview an author. He's a bit of a budding author himself, as I think I've mentioned, and has aspirations to continue in that vein. And he has read a good deal of Young Adult Fiction. So I think he would really enjoy talking to you and your wife. He's 11 yrs old.

Mac (sheepish): "Um..."
Tad (busybusybusy): Thinks: Aaargh! Bad timing! Bad timing! Deadline! Angst! Angst! ANGST!
Says: "Oh, okay. Fine...No problem."

Tad: Hi. Ask away!
Jesse (confidently):11 Questions, via email, one of which is 'Does your husband help you write?'
Tad (Er? Makes notes to never ask anyone she interviews that one.): 11 Answers as concise as possible, still fills three pages...
Jesse: (Thinks:) Whoa. Says: "Okay. I'm putting it on my blog. All our core classes have a blog. I'll send you an invitation."

Tad peruses blog of 11-year-old smart guy, reads his short funny poems; sees a teacher comment.
Tad:Jesse, I looked at your funny blog.
You mentioned that your teacher's name is Mr. Septka. I went to school with a Mr. Septka. Wouldn't it be funny if it was the same person? Is his first name Rod?

Looong pause.
Jesse: My teacher is Rod Septka. That's weird.

I do believe I have traumatized that poor child by knowing his teacher since he's suddenly not speaking to me anymore, but hey, these things happen. Meanwhile, three cheers for Rod Septka, a rising star in the Marin school system, who was always one of the canniest and funniest people at Mills College and who worked harder than many of us getting his MFA while also getting his MA, if I recall correctly, and teaching middle school full-time the whole time.

Whether he knows it or not, Jesse is one lucky kid.

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