April 10, 2007

Flying Home

Kendall is adrift. Her parents and little brother were killed in a car accident when she was only four, and now, with the death of her grandmother, Kendall now seventeen and a struggling high school senior, is frantic to find any kind of mooring.

Her Grandmama told her that “family sticks together,” and that has been Kendall’s rule of life. Her only living relative, Aunt Janice, is in New Orleans, and once she’s been notified of the death, Kendall waits to hear from her. And waits. And waits.

Taking matters into her own hands, Kendall finds her way down South, only to find an empty apartment, an angry landlady, and an opportunity to make a new place her home, with or without a blood-relative. Sparrow is another beautiful and long-awaited book from the talented Sherri L. Smith that tells of a strong girl being cast out into the wide sea of the world, and finding her way to safe harbor.

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