April 09, 2007

Summer Stories

Debbie looked out into the world and wished that something would happen.

She didn't have any real idea what, just that... that indefinable something that would make her different, make her life better, just make... things... move. And over the course of one special summer, something ...did happen.

Finding out "what happened" isn't a quick discovery. Life happened, and life happens gradually. This is a reflective, quiet novel with plenty of funny sweetness that sounds absurd when described like this, but... it is what it is! The novel criss-crosses the stories of Debbie, her friend Hector, her lost locket, his guitar-playing, and their longing for boyfriends and girlfriends, to be less self-conscious, to be taller, smarter, better equipped to deal with others, and more.

This novel is definitely not for everyone, but tweens who are willing to take the time will find something special here.

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