June 18, 2013


Yes, well, I was all set to review a great book I'm reading, but I had a little moment of SQUEE and thinking about my friend Pancha in grad school who was all things geeky with me, and enjoyed things like replotting THE DARK CRYSTAL and imagining ourselves in a sequel of LABYRINTH and knowing better how to handle an evil hot David Bowie. If I recall correctly, Pancha even had a DARK CRYSTAL t-shirt that she could still wear from grade school, of which I was heartily envious (nothing of mine from grade school fits, and since I dressed like a mini-geriatric, we're all the better for it). So. You can imagine that I dug up her email address today when I saw Galleycat's little notice about THE FREAKIN' DARK CRYSTAL SEQUEL. Oh, hear the squee:

From October 1st, 2013 to December 31st, 2013, The Jim Henson Company and Grosset & Dunlap of the Penguin Young Readers Group will be accepting writing submissions to find the author for a new novel set in the world of Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal. This author search is open to all professional and aspiring professional writers. This new Dark Crystal novel will be a prequel story set at the time of the Gelfling Gathering, between the Second Great Conjunction and the creation of the Wall of Destiny. We will be placing all known lore from this era on DarkCrystal.com, the definitive home of The Dark Crystal. There you will find all the knowledge available for you to shape and build your story—and all we ask is that you share your stories with us.

You know how cynical I am about movies messing things up - but .... but... so many people, like my girl, Pancha, have such BIG love for the series, I can't help but think that this will be the ultimate, ultimate affectionate fan-fic. I couldn't do it justice, I don't think, but I have my fingers crossed she'll take up the gauntlet, and run with it.


Anonymous said...

Needless to say, I am a huge fan of the Dark Crystal (and Labyrinth) and have passed this fandom to Lucas. We will be eagerly awaiting this.

Speaking of which, it's probably time to show Maxwell theses films. He has shown much more of an inclination to be a hardcore fantasy fan. I have great hopes for him.

Sarah Stevenson said...

Good news re: Lucas. Now I don't have to send creepy messages saying "Joinnnn ussssss....." :D

Huge fan here, too--not huge enough to be able to write anything fanfic based on it, but very excited about the potential of the project.