June 21, 2013

British Children's Laureate Talks Sex, Or, Me ♥Heart-ing♥ Malorie Blackman, Part II

So, you know, if you wrote honest sex scenes in YA lit, the whole learn-by-porn-because-this-is-shameful thing would dry right up. Better sex from an earlier age, fewer assaults, an understanding of both pleasure and power and responsibility?

Using fiction? For education?


*sound of minds, blown*

CK's well reasoned thoughts on this are well worth reading.


Sarah Stevenson said...

I absolutely love CK's post about this--thanks for the tip. Huge AMEN over here, too. (Makes me think about all the "grown-up" SFF books my mom encouraged me to read growing up, like the Anne McCaffrey Pern novels, which were kinda sexy--not to mention the Judy Blume books....maybe my mom was trying to provide that positive angle without the awkward conversations. Although we had some of those, too. :D

LinWash said...

I continue to be impressed with Malorie Blackman.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that is kind of mind blowing. Such interesting, good points, and I'm glad people are talking about them.