December 04, 2012

THE NEXT BIG THING!: Elizabeth Wein

Q: THE NEXT BIG THING! - what is it?

A: Originating in the UK (we believe) it's an author meme which offers a sneak peek at what's going on with a writer's Work In Progress, what they've just shot off to the editor, and what readers can get excited about. AF and I were tagged for this author meme by Elizabeth Wein, author of the EXTREMELY excitingly well-regarded CODE NAME VERITY which we obviously loved and wanted to take to prom. Off you go, read what she's working on now!

(And no, it is not a sequel to CNV, so don't even ask.)

I've posted my own NEXT BIG THING this week, followed in the next weeks by AF and a few others I've tagged, including the great Sherri L. Smith (when her deadline is met). No idea who AF has tagged, but stay tuned for more of THE NEXT BIG THING! throughout the next several weeks.

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