December 24, 2012

Holiday Thoughts

Winter, Alphonse Mucha, 1896
Today I will be with family--mine, and my husband's too; we will be stuffing ourselves silly and watching our nephews cavort and exchanging some gifts a day early; we'll travel, and then return home and snuggle up against the winter weather that has been dumping rain on us, off and on, for weeks now.

Tomorrow we'll exchange a few more gifts with my parents, enjoying a quiet morning at home; then we'll see a movie, have a nice celebratory homemade dinner, and feel sated and thankful to be able to have all of these things and people in our lives, to have had the good fortune of another year, replete with both work and play.

And then we'll start again.

Our best to you whether you're celebrating a religious or secular Christmas, Hanukkah, or simply sharing the joys (and tribulations--let's be real here) of family and friends at the end of another year. The end of the Mayan calendar did not herald a wrathful apocalypse, but rather the need to chisel another ginormous stone thingamabob to last another few thousand years, and so we again have--as always--the opportunity to make the most of what's to come. Let's do it, writers!


Little Willow said...

Happy holidays, Wonderlanders!

MaryWitzl said...

Happy 2013, Tanita (and other Wonderlanders). I've missed you!