February 08, 2008

Two little sparkles... and a drum roll

The last pair of baubles from today are little funnies I picked up from being out and about. First is the message from Our Leader. Wait, you didn't know we had one? It's Mr. Ambassador. And BOY, does HE HAVE PLANS! Or else, just plans for cool outfits, swami bowing and appropriately regal waving.

A few weeks back, I remember I just about choked on my coffee when I read about Senior Citizens playing with a Wii. Now Jason at Escape Adulthood has found one better -- an older person PLAY GROUND. People -- this is an idea whose time has come. That, and snow days for people over high school age are ideas that we as a people should run with. Are you with me?

DRUM ROLL PLEASE: WHO has a guest blogger coming who is cool and writes really awesome cultural investigation books? Who wants to win a free copy of a book that's about things like running purple dye, disastrous family dinners, Hair Behaving Badly, and throwing dumplings?

Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet: The novel. The Author! The review. Coming soon to a blog near you!

1 comment:

Sarah Stevenson said...

Hey, not just snow days for people over school age, but snow days for people who don't actually live in snowy areas--now that would be an idea!