February 14, 2008

Toon Thursday: You All Inspire Me

I have to thank everyone who commented on our Sherri Smith guest blog post for helping to inspire this cartoon with their lively discussion! Also, any resemblance to any existing writers (or any existing people in general) is entirely coincidental.

Anyway, besides working on Toon Thursday, I've been cruising around the blogosphere just a little bit, and I finally got caught up (via Chasing Ray and bookshelves of doom) on the YA Kerfluffle. I'm glad it came to a peaceful and civil resolution. I was starting to be really sad that it seemed like the kidlitosphere was dividing into cliques. I really liked Greg Fishbone's response to the situation, and I'm breathing a sigh of relief that (hopefully) we here in the kidlit world are not going to devolve into a cacophony of sniping C-rate bloggers flooding the internet-tubes with our "personal minutiae" (as an NPR commentator described it today).

On a much more pleasant note, I was excited to find this interview on Cynsations with Rosemary Clement-Moore, whose Cybils-nominated title Prom Dates From Hell I highly enjoyed. Consider that link your valentine - Happy V-Day! In our house, we celebrated by going out for a sushi lunch, and after Rob gets back from work, we'll eat more food and watch an episode of Doctor Who. That's how we like to celebrate holidays in our house--eating and sitting on the couch...

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Cheers to that!