February 25, 2008

Cool Stuff for Monday--Take Kidlit to the Gym With You

Can I just tell you how much I'm coveting ShelfTalker's Kidslit Nalgene bottle, courtesy of Powell's Books? My birthday is March 24th, ahem ahem... :)

I've been a naughty girl and I haven't cruised by Fuse #8 in a bit, but I'm glad I've been trying to get caught up because I found this great post about a worthy literacy cause that Class of 2k7 author G. Neri recently assisted with--getting great books to teens in juvenile detention centers around New York. Kudos to Greg and everyone involved with the effort.

Lastly, I was so tickled to find an interview with Cybil-award-winning GN author/illustrator Emmanuel Guibert (The Professor's Daughter) over on Cynsations. Then I read the interview. Soon, a short giggle escaped me. Then a larger one. Then, more like a series of guffaws. It is seriously a great interview, because he's so obviously a smart-ass about the whole process, but he has this sense of humor that's somehow very...French. A few examples:

How has your childhood influenced your illustrations and writing?
EG: I'll let you know when my childhood is over.

Do you work with the television, radio, or stereo on? In caf├ęs, nursing a half-cup of lukewarm tea, or in isolation?
EG: Yes, all of that at the same time. And even asleep.

Don't miss it--it's good for a laugh. And we could all use more laughter at the beginning of the week.


Kelly said...

Sarah: I loved that interview, too. So French, it made my day.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

You are right that bottle is too cool. I have a birthday coming up too... hmmm. Thanks for the links!