November 09, 2007

Snow Flurries & Winter Blasts...

Oh! A Lady Jane sighting! at Shaken & Stirred! She, together with her son, Adam Stemple, talk about their collaborations. I'm always intrigued by how relatives work together -- a mother and son project, and no one goes away mad? Amazing! Also, don't miss the really cool Alan Gratz @ Interactive Reader -- I'm not sure who's cooler, there - interviewed or interviewer! Lisa Yee's sparkling personality is the subject at Hip Writer Mama's blog -- oh, and her books as well. Find the whole schedule at Chasing Ray, and if you've missed a day, don't worry, she's collecting the posts for the entire week.

Meanwhile, at Robert's Snow Central, the flakes are still falling thick and fast. Don't miss the gorgeous work of Susan Kathleen Hartung at Wild Rose Reader, or the beautifully clean lines of Annette Simon's flake @ Check It Out. Past snowdays can be recaptured here.

Brr! Happy Weekend! Stay Warm!


Elaine Magliaro said...

Thanks for including a link to my Blogging for a Cure feature on Susan Kathleen Hartung at Wild Rose Reader. I love Susan's art--and am happy to own the snowflake she created for Robert's Snow 2004.

Jackie Parker said...

Aw, jeeze. How am I only seeing this now? You are sweet.