November 01, 2007

Love After Death

This book is a 2007 Graphic Novel Cybils Award Nominee.

What if mummies walked in Victorian London, and love were possible even after death? Joann Sfar and Emmanuel Guibert's whimsical and gorgeously illustrated graphic novel The Professor's Daughter tells the story of a proper young woman, the daughter of a professor, who needs an escort on an evening out--so she brings her father's mummy of Imhotep, a walking, talking gentleman who just happens to be a mummified king.

When the evening ends in unexpected havoc, their situation goes from bad to worse, but in the end it brings them closer together--and reveals some very odd secrets about woman and mummy. The author and illustrator have created a witty, fantastical, and just slightly odd little world, brought to life with wash drawings that bring to mind old sepia-toned photos. This book is unique and lovely, with a rather enigmatic ending.


Anonymous said...

I just got this one to review for EofF -- so I am not actually readling your review (except I did before...) It look interesting!

Anonymous said...

Well, mine's really just a short recap, anyway...not too many spoilers!