November 07, 2007

Crazy Flakes and Wintry Blasts

Oh! My word! Did you see that AMAZING cycleflake? Or the Scotland themed one? Or the gorgeous
butterfly? Keep your eyes open - there beauties on the auction block! Check with Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast for day Twenty-Four of the Illustrations of Awesomeness known as Robert's Snow.

Writers: If you don't have time to read this today, print the page, bookmark the website, do something. Ypulse's Anastasia has some really awesome tips on how to sell your book sans Ms. Winfrey. (Although, I'm sure she'd take the Oprah Bump should Oprah choose to bump her!)

Today, Salon is excerpting, "Red: The Next Generation of American Writers -- Teenage Girls -- on What Fires Up Their Lives Today," edited by Amy Goldwasser (Hudson Street Press, 2007) Listen to the voices -- tough, cynical, grieving, knowing -- of four teens. Experience from the horse's mouth.

Deborah Davis on teens in the juvenile system -- and their access to books. Colleen has already suggested that juvenile halls are a great place to donate books -- kids doing time have nothing much to entertain them. Books can make a difference here, people.

Yesterday, I heard a poem whose last lines have really stuck with me. "The Hour" by Michael Lind, (from Parallel Lives © Etruscan Press, 2008) closes with these words:

...soon, though the hour
Comes to corrode all your power,
Pleasure and faith, with the damp dread that it daily assigns you.
How you evade it defines you.

That strikes such a chord.
May you be well-defined.

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Saints and Spinners said...

That cycle snowflake is pretty impressive. Also the excerpt from the poem. I don't have anything clever to write, but I did want to leave my calling card so you'd know I was reading.