November 13, 2007

Romance and Rebecca

Galleycat reports that Harlequin Books is giving away short stories online. This made me wonder if the field isn't a little broader now for writers who want to dabble in romance -- by way of short stories -- and yes, it is. The company reports that from September to December, they are publishing more than thirty new-to-the-company authors, many of them first-time-ever authors as well. Check out the opportunities -- there are a few for romances intended for teens as well.

Speaking of younger readers, Mitali's got the goods on a contest for young writers. The deadline is the 23rd of this month -- check it out!

e. lockhart, one of our favorite writers, reveals that she's working on two more Ruby novels (!!!!), but to tide you over until they're published, here's an excerpt from THE DISREPUTABLE HISTORY OF FRANKIE LANDAU-BANKS, which will be in stores in March of next year. I love the cover! I've always wanted a signet ring to seal my letters with red wax, and for a novel set in modern times, this is pretty original. And the excerpt is delicious...

Those who aren't neck deep in National Novel Writing Month -- and I'm not, I'm neck deep in editing, which is where I spend most of my life -- might be interested in the Great Rebecca Read going on at Bookshelves of Doom. Instead of writing a novel this month, they're reading one, and though I'm not participating there either, because I've already read the book, I'm having fun with the reactions of first-time readers to this strange and strangely compelling gothic tale. Good fun for crisp windy nights!

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