November 08, 2007

Complaints and Exclamations

Since SOMEBODY just left for EIGHT DAYS IN ITALY, those of us left behind -- okay, left at HOME, since the UK is not really behind in this case -- have to comfort ourselves listening to the Helsinki Complaints Choir -- quite possibly the funniest -- and saddest -- melodic whining I have ever heard. "It's not fair!" indeed.

Cancer: also not fair. The talent of the artists doing the flakes for Robert's Snow: WAY more than fair. Their generosity is the only thing that outshines that. Don't miss the peep show of the beauties on the auction block -- especially the one illustrated by Linda Graves, who is also illustrating a new fairytale from Our Jane. Check with the grrrlz at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast for today's schedule, and a recap of the last splendid twenty-five days of art.

Don't miss more of the amazingly deep and genuine responses of Sherman Alexie over at Interactive Reader. We are still so honored and humbled that he allowed us an interview. He's so cool. (Okay, enough with the Fangirl thing.) Further awesomeness to be found at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy with the amazing Ellen Emmerson White. I shrieked, "HARPER LEE!?!?" a little while ago reading the interview at Hip Writer Mama - Kerry Madden, you lucky, lucky woman. Full schedule's at Chasing Ray

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