November 28, 2007

Oh, And One More Thing...

Forgot to link to Mindy's great post on Jeanette Rankin. Had you not heard of her? She is on my Heroines List: as Congresswoman Barbara Lee spoke out, as the choking clouds of dust and debris from the collapsed towers was still hanging in the air, so did Jeanette Rankin speak while the name Pearl Harbor was on the front page of every newspaper.

Pacifist she was, right or wrong, and she stuck with it when people wanted to KILL HER for her opinions.

From her beginnings to her life as a suffragist, to her outspokenness against wars, this woman was a trailblazer whose story should be taught in every school. And now you've heard of her, too!

Just another awesome book nominated for the Cybils Award in Young Adult Nonfiction. Go, read.

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