October 16, 2013

KIDLITCON: Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Or, at least the name of your blog)

We have some kidlitosphere news.
This isn't all the news, by any means.
This isn't anything about hotels, or great mojitos, or grab bags, or museums, or the waterfront, or the great shopping or the lovely warm shorts weather, or the breath-stealingly hilarious 1:1 chats you'll have with the good friends you've just met...

...nope, we can't tell you ALL of that - that's the part you have to add. But this news is some of what's going to be going on offer... at the Austin Kidlit Con.

(As always, click to embiggen, and feel free to snag the flyer!)


Jen Robinson said...

Using my name as part of my blog name helps a lot at these things ;-)

tanita✿davis said...

...true, true.
We should all try that...