October 24, 2013

Items of Interest, aka Twitter Roundup--Author News and More Stuff

Before I share some of the articles that grabbed me over the past week or two (and which I shared on Twitter), one thing first: the Guys Lit Wire blog is looking for a few contributors to round out the monthly schedule. If you haven't checked it out, it is a group blog aimed at spotlighting literature of interest to teen guys, and the reviews are varied and always interesting. (To me, anyway, but as the webmaster, I'm biased!)

Anyway, on to some tweets:
  • We love Gene Yang around here, so I was excited to read an NPR interview with him: via : 'Boxers & Saints' & Compassion: Questions For Gene Luen Yang
  • I also love plugging my writer friends, especially Tanita when she isn't looking, so you'll want to check this out: Lovely mention of my co-blogger Tanita & our friend : Lisa’s Book Round-Up on -
  • This post from @LadyGlamis on the difficulties of the creative life really resonated with me, too, and made me feel very fortunate that my loved ones are generally very understanding: When loved ones don't support - or at least understand - your writing or artistic career.
  • We lost Oscar Hijuelos, author of YA novel Dark Dude and numerous other works: Writer Oscar Hijuelos dies at 62
  • Lastly, a thought-provoking piece on mixed race from NPR's Race Card Project--six-word essays on race from listeners. This particular submission: "Norwegian with Nappy Hair Doesn't Fit." via : Holding Onto The Other Half Of 'Mixed-Race'  

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