October 02, 2013

PSSSST. Hey, Texas. We're COMING!!!!

Psst! Registration for the 2013 Kidlit Con is still open! The Con committee is seeking panel proposals from either teams or individuals on various topics of interest to the blogging kidlitosphere - You have until 11:59pm on Friday, October 4, 2013 to submit your proposal, so get on that! The site has all the details and the form. This year's keynote speaker is prolific blogger and author CYNTHIA LEITICH SMITH, who is a warm and personable person, as well as a fab author, and her presentation will be a lot of fun.

Once upon a time, this was an idea - then a potluck - and now for seven years running, a place where many people meet up with Their Tribe. Will you be there?


Sarah Stevenson said...

Oh, look at you updating the logo!

Can we haz logo? Pleeze? That looks great to me. And you are awesome.

tanita✿davis said...

EVERYONE kan haz logo!
I just did a quick fiddle with it - nothing really new, since you already did the letters! ☺