October 14, 2013

Cybils Nominations Close Tomorrow!

I may not be the Cybils blog editor this year, but as a general Cybils diehard, I would be remiss in not reminding you all that public nominations close tomorrow, October 15th, at midnight PST. That's the end of the day tomorrow, people! If you haven't gotten your nominations in, it's time, and there are PLENTY of worthy titles still left to be nominated. If you need a little help or, like me, need your memory jogged, check out the roundups here and here (Updated: here too!) with lists of books that deserve a nod. I know I tend to be less knowledgeable in non-YA areas, so I rely heavily on these lists every year and give enormous thanks to those hardworking folks who put them together. (Like my co-blogger!)

So: Go! Nominate! I'll be doing so myself a bit later today. And please: Tell your friends!

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