September 03, 2008

Random Coolth

You know I have to be down with this: In honor of the late great St. Julia Child, Ananka's Diary is having an original Girl Spy Outfit Contest. How COOL is that!?

And a second bit of coolth -- In my continuing quest to be as cool as Kiki Strike, I'm playing with the idea of taking Russian this fall, and came across this bit of anime goodness via SFSignal:

How fun would it be to be actually able to READ that? (It actually says First Squad and is a Russian-Canadian anime collaboration from Molot Entertainment.)

I'm always a little shy when authors comment on my reviews, but I have utmost respect for people who fearlessly discuss things. Semicolon Blog didn't care for Looking For Alaska, and said so. John Green responded, and it turned into an interesting discussion. It's really nice when intelligent people can agree and disagree without screaming. [Note to politicians.]

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Do it, Tadmack! It's a great language, no matter what its country is up to at the moment.