April 18, 2008

Waking Weekend

Yes, it's early on a weekend morning, but I had to point out this little goodie. Via SF Signal's daily Tidbits, I discovered that Omnivoracious has interviewed Gwenda Bond on the best recent and upcoming YA novels. She listed some really good ones, including an upcoming J. Larbalestier that I dearly want to read -- and reminded me happily that Flora Segunda's sequel is due sometime this Spring. Nicely done, Ms. Bond!

Mitali survived her TV debut. Mr. DeMille...? About that close-up... Spencer Christian, who was our local Bay Area weatherman when I was a kid, does the interview.

Yahoo Books broke the news -- the ferrets are safe at last. Actually, it strikes me rather painfully that romance author Cassie Edwards has been dumped by her publisher. It was bound to happen -- and Secret Agent Man, in the wake of the original publicity, predicted that would happen, and warned all of his writers that it would happen to anyone who garnered a publishing house negative publicity -- but still, it's sad when an author shoots herself in the foot. Lesson learned for everyone, here's hoping.


Saints and Spinners said...

This is only slightly related to your post, but the Cassie Edwards link reminded me of the funny things Sherman Alexie said yesterday at his book reading I attended-- they were about the "Savage Love" type Native American male/white female romances that he read as a child (along with everything else).

tanita✿davis said...

Dude, and you're not even going to tell me what he said??

How jealous am I that you went and saw Sherman "the Man" Alexie in person?

Saints and Spinners said...

Whoops! It was late for me, and I'd wanted to get in a comment before bedtime. I think it may have happened in the Part-Time Indian book, too, but I don't remember exactly... on his first day of Reardon, the beautiful blonde girl with the theme music in the background (and he acted that out too) turned around to ask Sherman his name, and as he told us about it, he tilted his head to the side with a moony expression on his face and said, "'Savage Love'?!"

Later, someone asked him about what it was like to win the National Book Award. He said it was hard sitting next to his friend, Sarah Zarr, at the same table, because they were friends but there was still the tension. And then the announcer got the pronunciation of her name wrong. Afterward, he talked about getting kissed by all of the women at the table (he and Sarah ended up hugging for 10 minutes), and how one of his editors, normally a very proper person, was kissing him and talking to him at the same time. He waited about a week, then called her up and said, "You know, you gave me tongue." For the first four times after they'd see each other, she blushed.:) Oh, and there was the bit about how they had lamb at dinner, and when his name was announced, he vomited just a little bit. While everyone was kissing him, and for the first few minutes of his prepared speech, all that was going through his head was "Lamb vomit! Lamb vomit!"

Hey, if you ever move out to Seattle (hint hint), you'll be able to see Sherman Alexie all the time. Really! I'd met him twice before I realized that I hadn't even heard him speak at a public gathering.

Anonymous said...

Go, Gwenda!

Sarah Stevenson said...

By the way, Alkelda, that is a GREAT STORY. :)