April 26, 2008

Can't Stay Long -- The Sun Is Shining!!!

In Brief

I was immeasurably cheered last week when Galleycat reported that my hometown (when in the US) newspaper, The San Francisco Chronicle, had expanded their book coverage. People have been sighing about newspapers cutting reviews, and The Chron sometimes has two a day, plus their Sunday Book section. GO CHRON!

They've got a pretty decent children's book coverage going, but my favorite thing of theirs is a new feature where they ask kids about books. Today's question: What Book Turned You Into A Reader? Some creative answers -- and the girls might surprise you.

You've all heard me whining for the last eight months about how cold I've been -- well, I'll have you know, I took off my coat today. It's finally hit sixty degrees! And now I'm off --

Glorious weekend to you.


Anonymous said...

That's great news. I wish other newspapers would follow suit.

Kelly said...

Sun! Deserves a jumping smiley every time! Joy!!

Vivian Mahoney said...

Very cool feature. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!