April 24, 2008

Borrow a Body and Round up Some Posts

I cherish the thoughts of others even more when they clarify thoughts of my own. Thank you for thinking with me and for your faith that I am a much better person than I am. Feeling that our gifts are insignificant against the larger, crueler world is a daily occurrence, but feeling other hands in the murky dark is -- so much help.

I am making a pact not just with A.fortis, but with all of you -- when you find your individual strategies for strengthening your world, let me know. Like Sara's The Very Big, No-Kidding,We're Changing the World, You Bet! Good Deed List or Colleen's impassioned writing about New Orleans, or the 7-Imps rubber-to-the-road support of Robert's Snow -- I know that many, if not all of us have had our hearts involved in ways to change, support or protect the denizens of this planet in ways outside of writing, and it's personally encouraging to me to see where people are carrying their candles to light up the world.

I ran across an interestingly world-changing idea via the the Guardian blog -- libraries full of ...people to borrow. No Dewey Decimal needed, they're filed by stereotype... The idea is fascinating. Imagine checking out 'Immigrant Woman' or 'Gay Man.' Imagine the prejudices within yourself you would encounter just on deciding on a dialogue with a "volume." Is this really worthwhile, or could people learn as much if they'd open a real book?

Aaargh! I'd already read one of these blogs - Colleen's informative post on which are the "important" blogs that authors are sending books to, and how to work the whole blog-tour, blogging author thing (there is no science to it) but Original Content brings in the other half of a question on 'trustworthy' reviews -- as in, if all of your reviewers are friendly fellow bloggers, how are those real reviews? I think watching HGTV with my copious free time is indeed the best option, here. *sigh*

Hear ye, Hear ye! The Prince is Having a ...Writer's Conference! Cinderellas and Cinderfellas, want to go to the SCBWI Summer Conference? Need some money? The Shrinking Violets have got your back. Check it out!!

Have you been CHOKING on the VITM (vitamins?) showing up in the spate of recent reports on badly thought-out children's books? What Very Important Teaching Moment would you like to share with the world via a picture book? Big A, little a wants to know... And, any sponsors out there, she's got a great book pitch for you...

Galleycat on the most important YA novel of this election year: Cory Doctorow's Little Brother, which the reviewer commented, "It's a level of direct political engagement I've seen few "adult"/"literary" novelists attempt in the last few years" -- Cheers for another literate, intelligent YA novel. Big Brother, look out.

The hilarious Sarah Beth Durst is deservingly up for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Andre Norton award. She's all dressed up and ready -- and very, very funny: "Don't misunderstand -- I am not expecting to win. I am up against some really stiff competition (Elizabeth Wein, Ysabeau Wilce, Steve Berman, Adam Rex, Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu, and some unknown writer by the name of J.K. Rowling). But I am ridiculously excited to lose in person.

And to wear a pretty dress."

Writing is more of a ...sweats and ponytail kind of job, kind of like being a dogwalker, only you walk your thoughts. However, Sarah Beth's dress is gorgeous, and we at Wonderland wish her the very best of luck!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting those links. Good reading with my morning coffee!

Anonymous said...

As for Gail's question, bloggers went over and over and over and over that last April of May, I guess it was, with Roger's post, aptly titled something like "this is why I don't have a blogroll or friends." I do think it's a fascinating topic, though. And if I were an author today, either a blogging one or one wanting to blog, I think I'd go crazy trying to figure it all out.

Not a profound statement on the subject, but so be it. I've only had one cup of coffee thus far this morning.
Jules, 7-Imp

Anonymous said...

That's supposed to be "last April or May," and furthermore, bloggers *and* authors had that discussion last year. Not just bloggers. Interesting stuff, I think.

Sarah Stevenson said...

Ditto with Susan--great choices. And I love Sarah Beth Durst's dress!

I'll post this in more detail later today, but Cory Doctorow is coming to Cody's do a reading from Little Brother...

Little Willow said...

Hurrah for activism and support.

As far as the peopled library: I defy category.