April 17, 2008

Toon Thursday: Stages of Rejection #6 (Fortified with Extra Linkage!)

Oh yes--our writer is slowly but surely recovering from that most insidious of repetitive mental stress disorders: writerly rejection. I mean, bargaining--that's practically normal behavior, right? Right. At this stage, there's nothing that a nice tall glass of iced tea and several hours in front of the television won't cure. (Huh. Don't confuse this with Stage 3, okay?)

Anyway, in other news, I've been cruising around the internets and not having time to post anything due to being sick and blah, so here are a few items that caught my interest over the past week or so:

  • Here, via Chasing Ray, comes a really cool-looking graphic novel by Bryan Talbot, who I remember from Sandman days as well as from a more recent read, The Tale of One Bad Rat (which I SWEAR I reviewed, but I can't find it...oh well).

  • Speaking of Neil Gaiman (sorta), check out his podcast from the British Library about his film treatment of the great Indian epic Ramayana (and check out the fabulous online Ramayana exhibition).

  • Via Slayground, some fabulous authors like Justina Chen Headley, Lisa Yee, Grace Lin, and Mitali Perkins, among others, are getting together to produce Fusion Stories, a website alerting interested readers in great new lit featuring Asian Americans. Hurrah! It looks like it'll be a great resource.

  • Via the SCBWI newsletter, check out the nominees for this year's Irish Children's Book Awards (scroll down for the two children's book categories). I was pleased to see one of our Cybils SFF finalists, Skulduggery Pleasant, get a nod.

  • Last but not least, Cynsations has a nice interview with Carla Killough McClafferty. Although Carla writes kids' nonfiction rather than YA fiction, I have to give her a nod because she is such a lovely person. When I sat next to her at the faculty dinner for the SCBWI summer conference last year, feeling like I must be a complete loser--as the only person there who hadn't written a published book or otherwise been involved in the publication process; as a lowly blogger, sitting at a table with the likes of Cecil Castellucci and Roxyanne Young (of Smartwriters.com)--she made me feel welcome and encouraged. Thanks, Carla!

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