April 15, 2009

Reading: Fun! and Fundamental!

Happy Not Spring! It's freezing, so I deny the existence of the season today, and ignore any and all attempts at flowers to break through earth. My message to the world: WARM UP ALREADY. Who cares that I'm in Scotland?!

Okay, first up, did you see the new and spiced up Share A Story, Shape a Future site? You *must* take in the cuteness that is their RSS link. I don't know WHY a mini RSS feed is so cute, it just... is. Trust me. I love that this wasn't just a one week reading emphasis -- it's a daily thing there now, and that's a win for kids and parents.

This is just the YEAR for reading -- the president read a book aloud on Easter Sunday, his kids and wife read ANOTHER ONE (wow, TWO at a White House function!) and I'm sure soon there will be a children's book about Bo. (Pardon me while I roll my eyes.) And, we got a nice note from the folks at Reading is Fundamental, thanking us for linking to them in the past, and asking that we continue to talk about what they're doing this year -- which is really pushing to log five million minutes between April 1 and June 30 - of collective reading to and with a child. I don't have any kids handy, but I've been known to read over the telephone, people. Reading is seriously fundamental -- but my favorite part is that it's fun. The fun is upped at RIF, because you have a chance to win a trip to Disneyworld. Check it out.

Also - if you loved A Curse As Dark As Gold, and I know tons of people on the Cybils judging panel did -- then check out the Elizabeth Bunce interview at The Enchanted Inkpot.

Finally -- and this made some twisted part of me very, very, VERY happy -- it's a coffin! It's a bookshelf! It's a ... coffin bookshelf! And it's perfectly beautiful and functional as both. Just... not at the same time. Because, dear ones, you can't take it with you, the books will only get dirty and then the book lice will eat them. But prior to that -- it holds TONS of books and it's lovely. Via the ever hip Bookshelves O' Doom.

Happy Wednesday.


Sadako said...

I loved the Obama Easter-bration.

And I am jealous for that coffin bookshelf! Where did you find it?

tanita✿davis said...

Leila found it first at Bookshelves of Doom -- but check out this one -- I like the original best, this one isn't quite as sturdy.

Saints and Spinners said...

When I was little, I wanted to be buried with my dolls and my books. I anticipated living to be old, but I still wanted to have my plans in place. The eight-year-old me would have thought the coffin bookcase to be a fine, fine investment.

It's Not-Spring here in Seattle, too. Every time you report weather, I find that it reflects my local scene.

However, I saw the first Johnny-Jump-Up in my garden yesterday. There is hope.