April 14, 2009

The Bloom Award: Celebrating Mildred Bloom

via Cynsations, we have this announcement from Blooming Tree Press:

The Bloom Award
Submissions Guidelines

"The Bloom Award" celebrates the life of Mildred Bloom, matriarch of Blooming Tree Press. Mildred passed away in 2007 at the amazing age of 88. She touched thousands of people's lives with her generosity, hard work, and faith that hopes and dreams will always prevail.

Each year's award will recognize a different genre, target age group, and imprint. This award includes a publishing contract for one winner--if all parties can come to an agreement. The award is for unpublished authors only.

The first Bloom Award will recognize the following:

1. age group: middle grade;

2. genre: mystery/adventure, who-done-it. (fiction only);

3. imprint: "Tire Swing" (our children's-paperback imprint).


Each submissions package should include:

1. a book proposal;

2. a detailed synopsis;

3. a detailed outline;

4. an author biography (include email address);

5. the first three chapters (8 ½ x 11 double-spaced pages, 12-point font).

Additional Guidelines

1. Our definition of an "unpublished author" is one with no previous full-length published book in the children's or young adult market. Published short stories, poems, or magazine articles don't count.

2. Only one entry per person.

3. If you make the first cut, you will have to be able to produce the completed manuscript immediately. So don't enter if you don't have a completed or near-completed manuscript.

4. Manuscript length should be between 18,000 and 40,000 words.

5. If you are the winner, you must be willing to promote and market your book to the best of your ability.

Submissions Dates and Mailing

Postmarks are as follows...

Submissions window opens: May 18.

Submissions deadline is: Oct. 31.

Again, please make sure your submission is not postmarked before May 18 or after Oct. 31.

Please mark clearly on the outside of the package "The Bloom Award."

Note: All submissions will be read, but no material will be returned. All communication will be via email and phone.

Mailing Address: Blooming Tree Press, P.O. Box 140934, Austin, Texas; 78714.

Award Announcement

The winner will be announced no later than Dec. 25. The winning book will be released each year on Mildred Bloom's birthday – April 25. (The first release is scheduled for April 25, 2011)

Details via A Publisher's Life Blog.

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