April 14, 2009

Just Cruising By...

I always put links by to post at a later time, all at once, and what happens? I end up with this ridiculously long list and feel intimidated, so I tell myself I'll do it later. But of course, later there will be even MORE links, right? Yup. Sigh.

Anyway. Links for you! First, a couple of tidbits for writers. Tanita mentioned a site called Come in Character--it's a blog where you can comment AS the character in your fiction, and hopefully get to know him or her on more levels. Interesting idea--pretty intense, too. I'm not sure I'm quite up to it, but it seems like a great practice space. Also of interest to writers is Nathan Bransford's Agent for a Day Challenge, which happened over the past weekend. Check out the follow-up posts (as well as the sample queries) here.

Next, a plug for Tanita and her novel A La Carte--don't miss the excellent review by Interactive Reader Jackie, and then be sure to put her next book, Mare's War, on your TBR pile, because it's coming out in just a few months! W00t!!

Lastly, a couple of random things for you--Don't forget to check out Amanda's Patchwork of Books on Thursday for the beginning of Winston Breen's Puzzle Party--visit all the blogs on the tour to find different pieces of the puzzle, and if you solve all of them, you might win a signed copy of The Potato Chip Puzzles. I'm not familiar with the book, but it sure sounds like a fun promo, and you'll find many of the usual suspects on the tour.

So...what thinkest thou of e-ARCs? It's a topical subject of sometimes-heated discussion in the kidlitosphere, and a recent article in the Shelf Awareness newsletter covers some of the concerns and upsides of the idea. Personally? Probably a good idea that would save a few trees. I'm just waiting for an e-reader that A) looks and feels good and B) is AFFORDABLE for, like, writers who might not make a lot of money.

I've still got a few links in my pile, but I'll leave them for another day. My cat is meowing at me, and you'd be amazed at how distracting she can be...Happy Tuesday Night!

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