August 27, 2008

Wednesday Book Links

I've got this small pile of links that I've been saving up and I finally squirreled away enough procrastination time (and dragged myself away from Twitter long enough) to post them. Woo-hoo!

First, Nickelodeon Magazine (which has a rather attractive, if a little scarily busy, website) is putting on its first-ever Best Kids' Graphic Novel awards. The editorial staff will be compiling the list from submissions sent by publishers, and then kids will be voting on them in the December issue. Interesting process...I guess I'm a little more interested in book award processes since the Cybils are coming around again soon, and TadMack and I'll be helping out again.

Readergirlz has launched rgz tv, a YouTube channel that brings author interviews to teen readers. According to the press release, "rgz tv is broadcasting interviews with Rachel Cohn, Jay Asher, Sonya Sones and Paula Yoo. The uploaded videos have been shot and edited by the readergirlz founders and members of the postergirlz." Very cool! Be sure to read the press release if you're interested in becoming a correspondent for rgz tv.

Also in the area of internet TV, Writer's Digest has launched a pay service called, where you can purchase videos of writing conference sessions, workshops, interviews, etc. It's a little steep, though they make the good point that it costs less than the actual conferences and workshops. Still...I can't see myself using the service, but maybe someone else will find it useful.

This one is totally unrelated to writing or books, but check out Stuff On My Cat.

This one IS related to books. There is a truly ginormous weekly roundup of blog book reviews at Semicolon. It might be a good place to post links and drive traffic to your blog, or it might not...but it's an interesting idea. It makes me wonder if someone should do a weekly reviews roundup like this just for the kidlitosphere. Let me point out that I don't want that "someone" to be me. :D Though I guess we already have that, sort of, in the form of Kelly's wiki. But it would be extra cool if, say, there were a weekly roundup page with a Mr. Linky and then those reviews all got added to the wiki. That would be nifty.


tanita✿davis said...

ACTUALLY, the new Edge of the Forest will be JUST THAT: Kidlitosphere rounded up by Kidlitosphere. Kind of like FUBU, but ...yeah. Anyway. We'll all be just posting and reviewing our regular brilliant way, and the group of editors working with Kelly will comb the web and round us up, so that none of us miss the really cool posts. At least, that's the general idea I got from this post.

tanita✿davis said...

P.S. - What a lovely chain. Did you draw that?

Sherry said...

What TadMack said. And lots of kid's lit reviews do get linked at the Saturday Review. nd I'm going to be one of the "editors" for Edge, and if you link your review at Saturday Reviews, I'll be more likely to see it and highlight it in Edge when it's my turn.

At least, that's how I think it will work.

Just a circle of bookish love, aren't we?

Sarah Stevenson said...

Sounds great! I've been a little out of the loop with my blog-reading--this summer was a little crazy--so I wasn't sure how the new TEOTF was organized. I definitely want to stay involved, though.

No, sadly, I didn't draw the chain. I got it on this cool site with public domain clip art images.