August 13, 2008

The Midweek Geekfest

Most of us have probably heard by now that Isaac Asimov's Foundation series is coming to the big screen. And now I'm scared. I, Robot and Bicentennial Man did NOT go well, to my mind. Meanwhile, via Smart B's, Trash B's, tremendously successful SFF author Lois McMasters Bujold talks about genres as blood types.

" In fact, I once fancied a metaphor of genres as blood types, in which mystery was the universal donor, equivalent to blood type O, and science fiction and fantasy the universal receivers, equivalent to type AB."

If young adult literature were a blood type, what type would it be? Are we also AB, a universal recipient? Hm. If we were a dog breed, though... what then?

Finally, my inner geek reveled in Galleycat admitting to a certain adolescent nerdiness. Why not check out your ELF GENE, or check out your biker witch name? No, really? Why not?

I've tossed my last WIP back onto the pile, and am plowing ahead on a long-delayed revision my agent just asked me about... oops. Back to work.


Sara said...

I love me a good mid-week Geek Fest. :)

Signed the Biker Witch known as "Two Date Tessa Steel Butt"

Are biker witches geeks?

tanita✿davis said...

I'm not sure anyone called "steel-butt" can really be a geek except in the most oblique way. Perhaps if you were called Owl-eyed Olive Unibrow, there would be more fuel for the geek accusation...

I love this. Do I actually get owl eyes? AND a unibrow??

Sarah Stevenson said...

Steel Butt = awesome. "Spaghetti Neck Stella Hard Rider" isn't too bad, either.

I like the blood typing analogy. Fun!

Camille said...

I am so behind on all my reading, blogs, books, news...
whhhhhhhh??? Foundation is going to be....a ... MOVIE???
Oh my, who? where? when?

You are right, given the track record, this could be so bad but it might be good?????

Off to Google.

tanita✿davis said...

Camille, this is the ONLY wee bit of news I found about it on SF Signal:
Foundation Moves Ahead
Jeff Vintar, who recently wrote the big-screen adaptation of Isaac Asimov's I, Robot, has been brought on to complete the script for another Asimov work, Foundation, according to a report on the Cinescape Web site. An inside source told the site that the epic SF trilogy will most likely be split into two films, tentatively entitled Foundation and Second Foundation.

The same guy who did I, Robot. Could be good. Could be phenomenally horrifying. I love the books; it's hard to think of anyone doing such a massive sprawling epic any kind of justice.