August 11, 2008

It's Where All the Cool People Are Going

OH. MY. Color me cold and cranky and jealous. Apparently there was a kidlit event in Austin last week, where people got fangs. (And puncture wounds.) The East Coast contingent often has Kitlit Drink nights, and Little Willow rocked her cute purple at the SCBWI thing while everyone else did red. And now the Portland get-together has a LOGO and Ms. Mac is planning topics, and LAINI TAYLOR IS DESIGNING CAFE PRESS AWESOMENESS.

Waaah! I'm five thousand miles away and have a novel to finish! *sniff!*

Never mind. Ya'll know I would've just held up a wall anyway. Hat tip to Jen for making me all jealous and showing me a bag I might not be able to live without.


Jen Robinson said...

We'll get to hang out together holding up a wall one of these days, TadMack. Meanwhile ... maybe the bag will make you feel better. I will confess that I had a dream last night in which I was looking for just the right bag to take to school. So you can see that I really needed to order this bag (and I did). But I still wish you could come to the conference!

Little Willow said...

Thank you. :) I was just there for the readergirlz TV interviews in the afternoon. I didn't know they were going to Paint the Town Red that night, and I was invited during the tapings (by one awesome diva who even offered up a red dress to borrow!), but I wasn't able to stay for it.