August 11, 2008

Stop, Look, Listen

...was the name of some reading book I had in elementary school. But it came to mind today.

Stop. Look. Listen. It's amazing what you might find in a dirty old city to see.

I'm feeling end-of-August panic. SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER!!!!!! PLAY HARD!!!!!!!


Jules at 7-Imp said...

More interesting photos (I just came from Sara's blog)...and with rewarding alt tags, too!


Jules, 7-Imp

C. K. Kelly Martin said...

I'm feeling end-of-August panic.

I'm swinging back and forth between denial and desperation. Summer here has been one storm after another. Last week we had hail!

But the bird and flowers you snapped are so vibrant! I think I need a lesson from them on how to live in the moment.

tanita✿davis said...

Yeah, C.K., it's worse when summer doesn't actually ever get off the ground! I'm writing this wearing a fleece sweatshirt... half the world baked, the other half froze this time around.

No idea what winter will bring, but I'm seeking out sunshine where I can find it!

JulesAny idea what kind of bird that might be?

Sarah Stevenson said...

Isn't that a starling?

Not that I'm any authority at all on birds. Great pictures, though!

I totally feel you on the end-of-August panic. This week I'm also feeling back-to-writing panic, after that nice little mental break... :)