August 07, 2008

Toon Thursday: Immature Artists Imitate; Mature Artists Steal...

Let's just say this one was "inspired by" Tuesday's post on The Joys of Revision, Fairytale Edition.

Sorry. I just couldn't resist. And I'm warning you: there may be more.

In the meantime, while you squirm at the edge of your seat waiting for next week's toon (ha ha), here are some links which crossed my virtual desk. This first one is just some total internet coolness: an animated Chinese scroll--be sure to click on the white-highlighted squares to watch neat little mini-movies bringing to life the scroll's artwork.

I also found out about an online workshop site for aspiring writers called The Writers' Lab, from a British-based publication called Bad Idea Magazine. The most disturbing part of the site is called the Butcher's Shop: "Each month, we take a favourite submission from our Show & Tell section, and put it through The Butcher's Shop, where the massacre that is BAD IDEA's editorial process is laid bare for all to see." Jeepers. Not sure if I want to look...I think I want to save the butchery for when I actually have an agent or an editor.

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tanita✿davis said...

The Butchery thing worried the heck out of me! I'll have to check it out a bit before I come to a conclusion. But the Chinese Scroll thing is way cool!