July 16, 2007

Young, Red-Haired, and Anne-ish: You Oughta Be in Pictures

Now, you know how I love my Anne.
You might even know that Anne of Green Gables was the first fictional book I read that wasn't a Peanuts comic when I was seven. You might know that I wrote at least six different endings to the book and didn't know until years later that it had... sequels of its own.
If you peruse this blog periodically, you know I generally HATE, LOATHE AND DETEST books made into movies.
All this is fact.


I have been told by reliable readers and film watchers that the last Anne of Green Gables movie put on by this movie company was actually pretty cool. It was faithful to the book. The actress was cute, but not too pretty, a bit eccentric. And dare we say... plucky. It was, all in all, pretty close to perfect.

In view of this, I am passing along something from the people at Sullivan Entertainment, who are making a new movie version of Anne's books. They're hunting for an Anne. For a prequel.
I don't generally approve of prequels of anything. (Did I need to know from Anakin Skywalker? Did I really?) I am not advocating this at all. But if you know someone cute and ten or twelve -well then, I've done my bit for their college money.

That is all.

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Little Willow said...

No prequel book.
No prequel movie.
JUST STOP IT, people.