July 29, 2007

Last Post from the Desk

Well, the desk.
It is going to be dismantled and flat-packed and put on a ship.
It is a computer desk, but it is cherry wood and black metal, and altogether too gorgeous to sell, and it has been mine for the last ten years, and I can't part with it. So, seeing as it looks like the freecycling and the donations and the sales have paid off -- and we have less stuff that we expected (!!! How often does that happen? I still don't quite believe it - and I fully expect that... stuff is somewhere quietly mating in a corner and will produce prolific and oddly shaped offspring quite shortly), the desk can come too. So I will be wrapping it and padding it and crossing my fingers against additional scratches, and then it will go. And I will be posting from... the lovely bamboo floor. (Ow.)

This bright and early Sunday morning, don't miss the return of Eisha and learn the phrase 'Special Forces Moving Co.' Do you not want the special forces to come for your next move? I imagine people parachuting from the sky, rappelling down the edges of our roof, landing in groups of four, immediately wrapping, crating, taping, and sanitizing things, wearing mirrored sunglasses, communicating with hand motions, sharp nods, and little bursts of static...

Okay. Too little sleep. Obviously.
And I've dallied long enough. The screwdriver calls.


Little Willow said...

Dear Pretty Cherry Desk,

Please have a safe trip. Make sure that your humans are safe and happy as well.


C. K. Kelly Martin said...

You're ahead of the game if you have less stuff than you expected. And having done this once I can assure you that I did all my own (inexpert) packing and everything arrived intact -- even the crystal and pottery. :)

Sara said...

Good call on taking your desk. It just takes one nice thing to make you feel at home and ready to work once you get there. And think how you've added to its life story!

divatobe said...

if those movers show up---let me know! And I went a completely different direction with the need of a screwdriver....cocktail hour

tanita✿davis said...

Hah. My screwdriver is not at all refreshing. Not. At. All.

AND we tore out the bathroom wall today. Just as a little side trip. 'Cause we were bored. And the plumber is coming Tuesday.

I still can't believe I'm doing SCBWI this week, too...!

Anonymous said...

That's exactly why I hired Special Forces, actually: the images that name conjures up. It wasn't exactly like that, but they were pretty awesome.