July 25, 2007


Just a couple of quick gems I ran across and forgot to mention: one, the Something About Me book challenge beginning the first of August is a great opportunity not only to share a little something about yourself, but it's a chance to read and discuss yet more books you might have missed. The originator of the project's personal blog is titled Breaking the Fourth Wall, which sounds quite gutsy. Thanks to LW, who is playing along.

At the Blue Rose Girls a fantastic conversation days ago was on how authors felt on receiving editorial letters. I know I have often whimpered about receiving red-marked notes from my agent -- who is, I swear, pickier than my editor. And my writing group is pickier than that! But I have appreciated the feedback on my work so much... it's daunting and sometimes makes me need to lie down, but it's all a matter of clarification; if people don't "get" me, knowing it and being able to reflect those changes onto a manuscript will push it toward excellence. This is not to say that I don't need to shred tissues and weep into my laptop first, but usually... once I figure out that neither my agent nor my editor hate me and want to ruin my life, usually it's a good thing.

Heads up! It's a Book Launch! Bay Area YA aficionados will want to get out and celebrate at the book launch for Not Like You, Tuesday, July 31st @ 7pm at Cody's in Berkeley. Those of you who can't make it will want to know about the Not Like You book contest. Since the novel is about the ties that bind and gag in a mother-daughter relationship, author Debbie Davis is sponsoring a contest, based on mother-daughter stories. Poignant, funny, tragic or outrageous, bring 'em on!

Oh, and hey -- have you ever visited the contest page at TeensReadToo? It's a fun site where each month books are profiled and you can win a copy. Some fabulous choices there. Be sure to check back after August 1, too -- there's a whole lot of book-giving away going on!

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