July 27, 2007

Poetry Friday: A Moment

David Budhill is a hermit, a Zen poet, a playwright, YA author, essayist and lecturer; a musician, a scholar, and a dove in a world of hawks. The little poem of his, "What We Need" is from While We've Still Got Feet © Copper Canyon Press. Here's hoping that you take a moment to dance this weekend -- while you've still got yours.

What We Need

The Emperor,
his bullies
and henchmen
terrorize the world
every day,

which is why
every day

we need

a little poem
of kindness,

a small song
of peace

a brief moment
of joy.
Check It Out! Poetry Friday is being hosted by MsMac. And don't miss the loveliness that is the summer poem series, where we all became the poem. Trés cool.

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