July 31, 2007

Literally two seconds --

--but this is so funny I have to post it (even as the shippers are driving TOWARD the house, and Himself is still actually... um...working. (But isn't this what husbands are for? *Ahem*) -- yes, I have been snarky about The Dangerous Book for Boys. Oh, but unless you are a "naice young country gell" you might well be sarcastic about The Digested Read's take on The Great Big Glorious Book for Girls. Ohhh, the snark, the delicious, hooting-out-loud, probably waking the neighbors snark. Do NOT sip your tea whilst reading. ('Whilst.' Love that word.)

All right. To work, to work...

1 comment:

Saints and Spinners said...

You can get as much out of a game of cricket as a man. More so, if you are making the tea.

I'll skip cricket and go straight to the tea.