July 04, 2007

Fabulous Fourth

After a day of food and family and freedom, we've been lit up and flung into a new month with our fuses... um... lit.

(And therein ends my weak fireworks analogy.)

Hope your day was absolutely fabulous, whether it was seeking out crowds or avoiding them altogether. Other enjoyment on offer during the month of July: via Original Content, the intrepid team of Westerfeld & Larbalestier take over at Inside A Dog for this month -- beginning later this week! Enjoy the adorable animation from Book Moot and the boy with that awesome purple crayon. Also, A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy is in living, dulcet sound -- podcasting about the ALA Conference! If you weren't alraedy jealous that you weren't there, now she can rub it in even further!

Oh -- and if you're wondering what that explosion of glitter was all about... well, it's not exactly fireworks. I'm pretty sure it's just MotherReader dusting pixie poop off of her hands.

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tanita✿davis said...

Just remembered something: the SCBWI's summer pool party theme is "By the Light of the Silvery Moon," and the description begins, "If it glitters, sparkles or glows, put it on..."

I will be looking at the sea of children's picture book writers, snickering, and thinking of MotherReader...