July 03, 2007

A Few Tuesday Tidbits

This one's for TadMack and her Most Egregious Misuses--I like to call it Most Egregious Use, because, although correct, it just doesn't sound right. Spied on a packet of chocolate McVitie's Digestive Biscuits: "Eat Healthily." Urrrgghhh.

Along with Kelly H., Little Willow, and Gina, we've been busily planning our panel discussion for the upcoming SCBWI conference in Los Angeles, and just to give you a teaser, it's going to be goooooood....Here are a few of the goodies you can look forward to:

  • Free stuff! Yay!

  • Edible yummies! Mmmm!

  • Incredibly useful handouts! Woo!

  • Cool multimedia presentation! Oooh!

  • Screenshots galore showing off our favorite blogs and blogosphere events! Whee!

  • And, last but not least, a fabulous prize or two!

Who can resist all that? Not me. Of course, I was going to be there anyway, so...if any of you bloggers out there are planning to be at the conference, let's meet up for drinks! I'm planning to be at the poolside thingy and I'd rather not hang around drinking my Corona by myself like the last time I went in 2005 (wearing a hideous Hawaiian-print dress, looking like an underage drinker, having a random brief inconsequential conversation with Bruce Hale), so let's put together a blogger contingent! And don't forget our panel--"Having Their Say: Blogging About Children's Literature" is on Friday morning.


Anonymous said...

So wishing I could be there. I would definitely have a drink with you by the pool.

Disco Mermaids said...

No worries. We'll be there with ya handing you those Coronas.



Little Willow said...

I don't drink, but I talk a lot.

tanita✿davis said...

Um, McVitie's People? Hello? Maybe 'eat healthfully' could have been used?

Well, what can I say: they invented English, so what they lack in harmoniousness, they make up for in pure accuracy, despite the fact that no one is really sure that 'digestive biscuits' actually assist anyone's digestion. But I digress.

You're on your own with the Corona's, but I'm pretty sure you and Gina are going to rock the screen shots!