July 12, 2007

Toon Thursday: Unoriginal Content

Sadly, Toon Thursday will be going on hiatus next week and the week after. I actually really wanted to post a cartoon this week, but due to being swamped (see personal blog for details), instead I'm providing you with an external toon link. Penny Arcade is a fun comic that is usually themed around video games, but in light of the latest Harry Potter movie and book coming out (which I am excited about, despite any criticisms I may have of either book or movie), I thought I'd direct your attention to this comic of theirs that's somewhat appropriate to the HP craze. Warning: cartoon contains naughty words. Secondary Warning: cartoon is much higher quality than mine. Don't get spoiled.

While we're on the subject of comics, at some point I found out (and forgot to blog) that Wendy Pini, creator of the comic/graphic novel fantasy series Elfquest, is working on a comic series called The Masque of the Red Death, loosely based on the Poe tale and marketed to young women 17 and up. I'd always wanted to read Elfquest, and still haven't gotten around to it, but this new project sounds VERY cool.

So, I'm going to be at a conference the week after next, and then the day after I get back, I'm leaving for LA for the SCBWI conference, so there will be two weeks without Toon Thursday, unless for some reason I magically produce comics and input them while also being president of a nonprofit organization and being on a panel.

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tanita✿davis said...

Never fear: the panel thingy is covered, now that we figured out the .ppt issues. It'll be chill.