July 30, 2007

Caught and Questioned

I've been caught in the headlights by the Impossible Duo; expect to hear from the more artistic half of OUR duo next week. Meanwhile, it's back to the boxes -- for one more day! The shipper comes to crate up everything on Tuesday... after that, I will get serious about pulling together my SCBWI presentation materials (No worries, panel team mates!). Though the living room is a sea of boxes, the plugs still work - if I can't read, I can listen to books on CD.

Happy Monday!!


Anonymous said...

"Impossible Duo" -- I like it. Makes us sound like superheroes. I want my super power to be able to read five books at once. Wait, I already do that. Okay, five books at once without getting secondary characters confused with one another.

It was our pleasure to interview you.

Anonymous said...

I second that, and also say: very very best of luck with the move.