June 12, 2014

Beautiful Bookstores...

...I saw several while we were traveling the past few weeks. (Travel was the reason for my recent blog absence. I usually have the best intentions of blogging while away, but I almost always end up too exhausted to even think about doing anything productive after we've been out and about all day. This time I only managed a single post.)

But every time I saw a lovely bookstore (like the one at left, in Budapest) I certainly thought about how I should be blogging, and documenting my travels in writing, and so on and so forth. Instead, I took a ton of pictures which I'll soon be posting to Flickr, and my husband was the one blogging (see his videoblogs here). I guess I'm still fighting that blogger burnout just a bit, as well as some general burnout (ever feel like you need a vacation from your vacation??), but I do look forward to getting back to a quasi-normal schedule soon, once I'm caught up.

Even my reading hasn't been quite as routine--when I need a break from YA and all the thinking and reviewing that tends to accompany it, I usually turn to adult fiction or nonfiction, so this time I've been reading the Nina Borg mystery series set in Denmark. If you like international mystery/thrillers with good character development, I recommend them. The ongoing character Nina Borg is angsty and complex, and her involvement in the mysteries is constantly threatening to unravel her personal life, as one might reasonably expect. Good stuff, and definitely a much-needed change of pace.

Anyway, that's it for me today--back to your regularly scheduled programming soon.

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