October 31, 2012

No Party Politics

It's Halloween, and I just interrupted my first-time-in-five-years reunion with candy corn to realize what that means. Tomorrow begins November.

November. Unfreakinbelievable. Elections. Veterans Day. Thanksgiving. That November. Yes. Holy cow.

November. And, here you are. You have found yourself at the blog of perhaps the two least political people in the state. And yet, we're looking forward to a little blog tour called WHY I VOTE.

If you recall, BLOG THE VOTE in 2008 was a kidlitosphere-wide blog-tour/essay tour kind of thing, wherein people talked about what made voting important to them, and how they hoped it would change the world. Launched by Lee Wind, with links rounded up by Colleen Mondor, Gregory K., and @ Chasing Ray. It was all non-partisan and positive, and that's how we like it ( -- we truly did like it. Some of the posts from 2008 were nothing short of soul-lightening, and truly made me glad to share my country with these folk. Take a moment to hit that link and go back). This year, we're going to do it again.

Blog the Vote is back, this year with a more personal slant - Why I Vote. This, too, is intended to be non-partisan, and positive, and to encourage people to get out next Tuesday (argh! Next. Tuesday.), share our poll stories (do you remember going as a little kid?) and express the ideas of community and democracy - what makes our country what it is, and what could make it better.

So: this Friday, November 2, the great Colleen will be collecting the links again, and we hope you'll be there.


Sarah Stevenson said...

Jeez, your graphic is WAY nicer than mine. I'm not worthy! :D

Charlotte said...

I hope I can convince my boys to go to the polling place again with me...maybe if I promise not to get all emotional this time it will help.

tanita✿davis said...

@ AF: Well, you know me. I love making logos, so I entertain myself. I think yours is snazzy, too.

@ Charlotte: Sheesh, kids. You get snot on them ONE time...

Sarah Stevenson said...

Charlotte: I think that's awesome. My mom often took me to the polling place with her when I was a kid, and it definitely made an impression.