October 04, 2012

Back to Normal

...or what passes for normal, anyway. YES, that means I have officially SENT OFF MY REVISION and can emerge at least partway from my self-imposed hermitude. Of course, now I have to catch up on all the other stuff I've been neglecting (including some book reviews which I desperately owe you) but at least I can check one huge thing off my to-do list.

(Speaking of to-do lists...have you ever done something that wasn't on the list, then gone back and ADDED it to the list, just so you could have the satisfaction of crossing it off? I totally have.)

Anyway, I'm feeling just a tad bit brain-dead at the moment, so I'm just going to leave you with a few links--not to mention an invitation to my virtual "Adios, Revision!" Celebration Party. (Sadly, it will be virtual even for me, until I get a few more things done...and most likely, there will be more edits to come later, but hopefully nothing big.) Cheers and pie! Hooray! *throws confetti*

Okay, those links:
  • In my Goodreads newsletter  was a link to this extremely cool interview with Chris Ware (author/artist of Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid in the World) on his favorite concept books--and he's made an awesome-looking concept book of his own. As someone who makes artist's books, I'm very excited about it!
  • Our longtime fellow blogger Kimberly @ Lectitans has a brand-new blog on spooky reads for spooky kids (and teens): quaint and curious, about which she says: "Spooky kids can feel a bit marginalized, and we sometimes think authors of darkly beautiful and beautifully dark books are the only ones who “get” us. But sometimes it takes us a long time to figure out who those authors are. I created this blog in hopes of making that process go more smoothly." As someone who has always had a spooky side, I wholeheartedly approve. (Oh, and if you didn't read it earlier during the SBBT, don't miss her interview with Vera Brosgol, creator of the graphic novel Anya's Ghost--great stuff.)

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